Thursday, July 3, 2014

stone wash plaster and tiles

Everything happens very fast! The house is rendered and all the borders,window sills and lintels  are "stone washed", it looks a little bit like Italian Stone Wash Plaster! Very common in Taiwan!

The first tiles are also in! The kitchen walls are ready and the 2 bathrooms are ready ,too!

And the last frame is also in!

Borders,sills and lintels


We used outdoor tiles for our 2 bathrooms! Rather uncommon in Taiwan!

bathroom downstairs:

bathroom upstairs:

The last frame!


  1. It's coming along so fast! Great! Any idea how long until it will be all done?

  2. Dear Shane,
    I hope it will be done within 2 months! But it's not sure! We need one more license and it's very difficult to say when they come to check! But the work will continue......meanwhile!