Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Monsoon is here

We had the first rain 3 days ago and more is coming soon! Everybody is working very hard to finish the flat roof! Tomorrow they will finish the preparation. Hopefully  the plumber and electrician will come Friday! So, if everything goes well they can pour the cement for the roof next week!

Todays pictures!

My son is doing some bricklaying!

Roof constuction

It slowly looks like a house!


  1. Thanks Terry,
    It's really beautiful to see it grow!I still can't believe how fast it grows! The first dig was on February 15th!

  2. Nice, big windows! Hope you don't put ugly bars across them, hehe.
    Will you do anything with the roof? In the future you could DIY a nice little BBQ area. Maybe put in some turf.

  3. Hi Shane,
    the windows are really big and I love them! We are not putting put those ugly bars in the front.....maybe in the back!
    We will have a nice little garden in the back, so we will BBQ there! I want to build a pizza oven as well!
    Thanks Shane!